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Brainy Shrooms

Welcome to the Biotelligence Metaverse where we celebrate the evolutionary intelligence of nature! Brainy Shrooms are the true protectors of the metaverse biosphere and ecosystem.

Biotelligence and Human Ignorance

Animals and plants on planet Earth have followed the path of evolution by developing an inbuilt natural intelligence based on maintaining the sustainability of the biosphere which ensures the survival and progress of species that are mutually interdependent. Humans, on the other hand, have since the invention of agriculture constructed, in their collective mind, a narrative based on delusions and illusions. This has lead their behaviour towards destruction and self-destruction, or in other words: evolutionary ignorance.

Human technological progress has not been accompanied by environmental, social or psychological progress as humans are driven by the greed and ignorance constructed by a delusional mind.

It only takes one delusional species on Earth to destroy the foundations of life. In the endless quest for filling the inexhaustible needs of human greed, it has taken humanity only 60 years to cut down half of the world’s 70 million years old tropical forests. Humans have modified 50% of the planet’s land surface to meet their own needs while putting significant pressure on the remaining 50%. Homo sapiens: what a wise species!

You are Not Smart.

Nature is!

The Brainy Shrooms are a symbol of the dysfunctional behaviour of humans that for thousands of years have continued to repeat its own history over and over again with its delusional self-image as “the smartest species on Earth”. By placing a human brain on mushrooms, it becomes clear that what humans consider their prime evolutionary achievement (the intelligent brain) is in fact what nature holds instead of humans through its intelligent ways of maintaining its biosphere.

Mushrooms play a key role in facilitating biological processes that affect the entire ecosystem. Their intelligence lies in doing the opposite of what humans do: their focus and behaviour reach beyond themselves and their own needs.

Brainy Shrooms illustrate the distorted self-image of humans by mimicking human behaviour. They make fun of humans that continue to live in their bubble of ignorance and self-delusion. By copying the way humans are busy with their self-induced distractions, problems and nothingness in a sarcastic way the “simple” shrooms reveal how nature is superior to the dysfunctional human mind.

I am Unique

Unlike many NFT projects that are collections of thousands of computer-generated algorithmic NFTs, Brainy Shrooms are human-created and individually customized by freehand on a mobile phone. Brainy Shrooms prefer natural creativity and imagination instead of robotic automation.

As the metaverse unfolds, reveals itself and goes through its various stages and seasons in the evolution of its ecosystem, more and more Brainy Shrooms will pop up from the ground. One by one. And this is when you can be lucky to find one for yourself to buy on OpenSea.

Although you do become the sole owner of the unique and original Brainy Shroom with token ownership, in biotelligence terminology (‘ownership’ is a human social construct), you will primarily become the “supporter” of that one Brainy Shroom – and with that: a supporter of the entire biotelligence philosophy while contributing to restoring rain forest.

Sustainable Blockchain?

As with all other types of human technology and behaviour, blockchain technology is extremely energy consuming. Most NFTs are traded in Ethereum (ETH) which is similar to Bitcoin in its heavy energy consumption for mining. In addition, a lot of the world’s crypto mining takes place in countries that rely heavily on nonrenewable energy. Even though Ethereum has plans to switch to the proof-of-stake system, reducing its power consumption by 99%, this is yet to be carried out.

Many artists are worried that the carbon footprint of digital art, and particularly of NFTs, is too high to make it environmentally worth it. Transporting a painting from New York to London by airplane or ship, however, may also leave a carbon trace.

Mindfy wants to draw our attention to this challenge by committing itself to ensuring that 10 percent of all first sales of Brainy Shrooms NFTs, as well as 10 percent of the fees from secondary sales, goes to carbon removal initiatives and to protecting the rain forests. Check back here later to see our new non-profit partners and how we intend to do this.

In addition, the Brainy Shrooms community (of NFT holders and other supporters) is encouraged to explore ways through which we can develop a carbon neutral future for digital art and NFTs.

You can join these discussions in our Discord community.

Our Collection

Get access to the Biotelligence Metaverse with your own unique Brainy Shroom NFT on OpenSea – or buy a poster or t-shirt to show the world that you care about nature and believe in its intelligent design.

Brainy Shroom NFT #1

Smiling Shroom

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom NFT #2

Surprised Shroom

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom NFT #1

Brainy Shroom NFT #2

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Brainy Shroom T-Shirt

Happy Shroom


Hi there! I’m the first one of the Brainy Shrooms to pop up from the muddy ground of the metaverse. I’m happy to see that some of you humans care about us. We are the humble protectors of the ecosystem often tugged away and taken for granted by most humans. We are ready to make some fun of you guys to open your eyes to how the world really is.

- Brainy Shroom #1 (Smiling Shroom)